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Here are the Oasis-puppies!

Finnish dog breeder Ville Kormilainen was in the heart of British media one year ago. Kormilainen owns the kennel named Glory Morning, after his favourite band Oasis. NME published an article last July, where Kormilainen stated that he will name his first puppies after Oasis songs. Noel  Gallaghers daughter Anais Gallagher and PETA wrote a letter to Kormilainen and they asked him to stop breeding and not to name dogs after Oasis.

Now the puppies are five weeks old and they will be named after Oasis songs.

– I love the band and I love the puppies so I want to name these yellow monsters after the songs I love. By this, I just want to respect the band, Kormilainen says.



Glory Morning Live Forever
Glory Morning Shakermaker
Glory Morning Rock’n’roll Star

Glory Morning Champagne Supernova
Glory Morning Wonderwall
Glory Morning She’s Electric
Glory Morning Songbird
Glory Morning Stand By Me

Pictures taken by photographer Tuomo Nyqvist and pictures are still in a draft mode. The names in pictures mean the names breeder has been calling the puppies in the puppy box, so they won’t be the official ones.



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